There’s No Time to Wait, Put an End to Hate


A hateful message was written on The Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s banner in Silver Spring, Md.

Jordan Doss, Alum

In the last few weeks, several hate crimes have occurred. Although there is no way to know for certain the motivation of these crimes, following the most recent president election, hate crimes have increased by 17%.

“I think the political campaign that went down all these months ago, where we had hate hedric lying around, opened up a Pandora’s box,” said an anonymous teacher.

On Nov. 12, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington was vandalized. The message “Trump nation, whites only,” was written on a banner that was promoting the Church’s Spanish-language service.

“I believe that Donald Trump has been the motivation of these acts. Since he first started his campaign, he’s spoken so lightly about such racially charged things,” said sophomore Iyanna Pugh.

Even though these crimes may seem to be one-sided, that is not always the case. On Nov. 20, a Montgomery County citizen woke up to find a large swastika painted onto his door, along with his “Trump-Pence” sign missing from his front yard.

“I highly disagree with these actions and I don’t think it should have happened. It’s that person’s opinion and you cannot do anything about it- even if you disagree,” said sophomore Bella Cadirola.

Opinions can not be forced to change; by being an American citizen, each person is entitled to their own opinion. What can be done is teaching tolerance, especially to the younger generations. As a result, one less group of people could be participating in hate crimes and vandalism.

“I think Clarksburg High School students are very tolerant of each other. This is because of their education I suppose; it is also the type of tolerance that should exist in adults,” said an anonymous teacher.

In order to fix these issues, the citizens of this country need to work as a united force to better benefit the country in it’s entirety.

“They could do things peacefully, for starters. Or they could keep their opinions to themselves’” said Pugh.

Whether or not the reasoning is election based, these actions are not justified. As the United States continues to work on growing together and helping one-another, it is plausible that these crimes will slow, and maybe even come to a halt.