Hip-Hop “Star”-Struck


Kanye West has cancelled the rest of his American tour due to health issues, including a performance at the Verizon Center in D.C.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

Hip-Hop superstar Kanye West, has been hospitalized after his abrupt rant during his Sacramento, Ca. concert and his cancellation of the Saint Pablo Tour.

West was hospitalized Monday, Nov. 21. He is “profoundly depressed and paranoid”, TMZ reports claim. His wife, Kim Kardashian, has been by his side.

The Saint Pablo Tour was an ongoing success until November 19th; after showing up an hour late to his own concert, the artist lost his cool while performing his hit song ‘Famous’. West went on a rant about Beyonce and Jay-Z, Drake, radio, and politics. The crowd began to “boo” West as he continued with his rant.

Then, when he was done speaking, he dropped the mic and lightly jogged off the stage with this statement “Get ready to have a field day, press. Get ready, get ready *pause* because the show’s over”. This led to the cancellation of 21 future shows starting Nov. 21. One of the shows was going to be held at the Verizon Center in D.C. which some CHS students had planned to attend.

Unfortunately for Coyote hip hop fans, one of the most popular American tours has ended. Junior Stephen Armstrong said “ I was going to go to the concert with some friends but it got cancelled. After seeing all that, I’m glad we can’t go.”

West was recently released from the hospital Wednesday, Nov. 30. Senior Nick Petrakes said “I hope he puts the concert back on because that would be a waste of fans’ money. Kanye don’t do your fans like that.”

This may not be happen. Kanye is still in a “fragile state and needs medical and psychological help to become healthy again,” a source told TMZ. And unlike treating a common cold or broken bone, there unfortunately isn’t a projected time frame for recovery in this case.

Although the Saint Pablo Tour is postponed indefinitely, fans should be happy that he is on his feet again. He has a long road of recovery but could bounce back.

Junior Raemond Thompson claimed “ I like Kanye and I’m happy to see that he is OK”