EMT Teacher MacLauchlan


Meredith MacLauchlan

ASL teacher Meredith MacLauchlan, shown above holding a computer, also spends her time as an EMT.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

American Sign Language teacher Meredith MacLauchlan is a very busy person. Along with teaching five classes a day and hosting a Sign Language club at lunch on Mondays, MacLauchlan is also an EMT on Wednesday nights at the Kensington fire department.

This year is MacLauchlan’s first time teaching high school, and she said “I love it, I love it because here students want to be here, not just have to be here.”

With over 130 students, MacLauchlan has already impacted many lives.

“[MacLauchlan] is a great person, warm-hearted and cares for everyone around her,” junior Hayley DeCamp said.

Due to MacLauchlan volunteering at the fire department every Wednesday night, sometimes she gets no sleep. “On Wednesday nights I range from zero to two hours of sleep and leave the station at five in the morning,” she said.

Yet her volunteer work does not get in the way of her day-job. MacLauchlan is always at school, teaching kids and having fun. She has already planned a field trip to Gallaudet University, the first school for deaf students in the U.S.

“Ms. MacLauchlan is an inspiring role model who truly cares for every student who walks through her door,” senior Jessica Rice said. “She makes every class something to look forward to by creating a safe, fun environment.”

MacLauchlan is inspiring students to follow their dreams. Rice is going to the same college as MacLauchlan did to study Sign Language, and DeCamp has begun training to become an EMT.

“[MacLauchlan] introduced me to the fire station, at first it was scary and nerve wrecking, but overall is was a great experience,” DeCamp said.

“It is not an easy class but she is an excellent teacher,” junior Husain Mubah-Neal said.  “She pushed me to do my best whenever I see here.”

On Thursday mornings MacLauchlan leaves the fire department at five in the morning and gets to school by seven. She is always happy, excited, and proud to be a teacher. There have been times MacLauchlan has seen casualties at night, but can still go and teach her students in the morning.

MacLauchlan explained, “the reason I can put my night behind me is because I love my job and students so much, they are the reason I can get only two hours a sleep and the go to school and do my job.”


Meredith MacLauchlan
MacLauchlan, left, works part time as an EMT and spends many hours in the Kensington firehouse.