Google Phone: Is It Worth a Pixel?


The Pixel Phone, shown above, is a great choice for some people, but not everyone.

Kelyse Wyatt, Author

Google released their new phone, the Google Pixel, Oct. 20.

The Pixel comes with a high rated smartphone camera, unlimited wi-fi storage, long lasting battery, google duo, pixel imprint, three mics, bottom-firing speakers and is the first phone with Google Assistant. The phone also comes in XL and 3 different colors such as; black, blue and silver.
The Pixel phone sounds pretty good so far, but the price is a different story. Google’s new phone is set at a price of $649.99, causing commotion for possible buyers.

“This phone is too expensive to be discussed,” said T.U. of gsmarena reviews.

Obviously some people find it ridiculous to be paying that much money for a phone, like Karl of gsmarena reviews. “Anyone paying over $200 for any phone is nuts!!!” said Karl.

Although, some people find it to be a pretty reasonable price. “For me this is a good phone. It has an almost unique design by Google. The price is just right,” said Jeth Mercer of gsmarena reviews.

For those who are willing to transfer to the Google phone, the switch is easy. The phone comes with a quick switch adapter to use with your USB charger cord. It works with any phone with Android 5.0 and up and iOS. After plugging up your phones, u sign in with your Google account or create one if u don’t have one. Then choose what you want to transfer.

Some people find this transfer easy and totally worth it. “This is a great phone. The camera works great and software runs well,” said H. Hazer of cnet reviews.

But some people regret it completely. “The speakers on the phone have terrible static even at lower volumes but the biggest drawback of the phone is the Bluetooth problems in relation to car audio. The phone either won’t connect or won’t stay connected. I’m surprised Google would flub something so critical,” said B. Cantos of cnet reviews.

Based on these reviews, user experiences are different for many people. Although most students of CHS use other phones such as Samsung and iPhone, some people might be considering a switch. Whether the Google Pixel phone is worth it is up to them and their personal experience.