Taking a ‘Break’

Above all else, CHS students enjoy the time away from school during winter break.


Above all else, CHS students enjoy the time away from school during winter break.

Jordan Doss, Alum

When the holiday season comes around, things can get stressful. Balancing gift buying, party planning, and school can be tricky, but it pays off. The holiday season brings around a break from school, gifts, parties, and quality time spent with family and friends.

“One thing I look forward to is celebrating Reyes Magos, which means Three Kings Day. On the night of January 5th, we each put out a pair of shoes and receive gifts the next morning,” sophomore Bella Cadirola said.

In addition to traditions, many people look forward to other things during this time of year. In a poll conducted by the Howl,  it was revealed that 7% of students favorite part of the holidays is food and decorations, 20% of students like receiving and giving presents, 33% of students like spending time with family or attending parties, and 40% of students like having no school.

“I enjoy going ice skating and getting to sleep in while we are on break,” said Cadirola.

During this winter season, with the time off of school, put down the notebooks and pencils and spend some time doing the things for pure enjoyment.

“My family and I bake cookies and the decorate them together. We also try and go down to Ocean City every year, to check out the festival of lights,” math teacher Patricia Truitt explained.

Whether it was hibernating in one’s bedroom for the majority of the break, or attending countless family gatherings and parties, hopefully the holiday season and winter break were enjoyable. Spending time with family, creating new experiences, and most of all, having a happy holiday celebration surrounded by loved ones, is the best way to spend winter break.