Winter Formal Preview


Lynn Truong

Winter formal posters can be found throughout CHS hallways to advertise the dance.

Lynn Truong, Reporter

Mark your calendars Clarksburg Coyotes, another school dance is on its way! The CHS Winter Formal will be held on Jan. 28, with no snow date, from 7:30-10:30p.m. in the auxiliary gym and cafeteria. Due to the low ticket cost of $10, there will be fewer snacks than the mountainous food piles that were at homecoming, but DJ Brendan Ferry will once again be back to provide music and entertainment.

Water will be available in Gatorade coolers at Winter Formal. This change is an effort to save the environment. The Student Government Association (SGA)  has decided to use Gatorade coolers and disposable pixie cups as opposed to the traditional table full of water bottles due to the fact that, “students take a few sips, leave them on the table and grab another when they come back… it’s such a waste,” said SGA sponsor Angela Wang.

Student helpers on the SGA committee like junior Grace Elliot also agree that “at the end of the dance hundreds of water bottles are thrown away… most of them are practically full.”

In addition to the water changes, the name of the dance has been changed as well. Last year this very same dance was called “Sadie Hawkins”.  Although a date was not required, this confusion led to small attendance numbers.This led to “a lot of confusion” and many students “didn’t know whether they had to have a date to attend” says senior Julia Echols.

This year the dance has a size minimum of 300 students and no maximum, unlike previous school dances. Tickets will be for sale at lunch on Jan. 23, Jan. 24, and Jan. 26 at the auditorium concession stand. Students are advised to get their out-of-school guest forms and permission slips signed and approved as soon as possible.

Forms are found in the main office. Pink forms are for Clarksburg students while yellow forms are for out of school guests.