CHS Students are not Split over “Split”

The popular movie,

Universal Pictures, Robert Dougherty

The popular movie, "Split", features actor James McAvoy tormenting three young girls.

Madiha Lasker, Reporter

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The highly anticipated movie Split, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and released on Jan. 20 follows the story of a man who has identity disorder and lives with juggling 23 different personalities. He discovers a new personality which is far more dangerous and powerful than the others.

He is compelled by his last and strongest personality to abduct three teenage girls. One of the girls, Caley, leads herself and her two best friends as they struggle to survive and escape his dangerous side. As the movie goes on, Casey learns about his disorder and realizes he is struggling to keep himself contained within each identity change.

Audiences everywhere were shook with excitement when Split trailers aired.

“It was really good, I liked it a lot,” said sophomore Jasmine DaCosta. “It was more funny than scary to me though. If I were to rate it I would probably give it like a 9 out of 10.”

Social media exploded with posts made for the movie as viewers could not wait to see leading actor James McAvoy take on his new and complex role.

“It was good it was just that like people on Twitter and stuff hyped it up way too much,” said senior Angela Diamola, “I don’t think it was scary enough because the trailers showed the scariest and most interesting parts.”

Although some critics say the movie did not live up to expectations, most fans of the director and the leading actor say Split was intense and sinister, keeping the audience on their toes.

“It’s the best movie I’ve seen since Stomp the Yard. James McAvoy played a great role. That guy is amazing,” said senior Jordan DaCosta.

Even though Split was released in early 2017, it claims to be the number one movie of the year.

The movie is highly recommended by both critics and audiences receiving two thumbs up and high box office ratings. Split is a must see!