Rappers in the Ring



Chris Brown (left) and Soulja Boy (right) in a feud that began through social media.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

The new year is bringing new celebrity beef between rapper Chris Brown and rapper Soulja Boy.

A decade ago the young artists were climbing the charts, Soulja with his breakout song “Crank Dat” and Brown releasing “With You” and “Kiss Kiss”. Now, the two artist want to take each other’s head off and both are sending shots back and forth on social media.

Questions have flurried all over social media on why the argument even started. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Soulja stated “[Brown] was really mad because I was with Rihanna.” Rihanna is an R&B artist who has had a lot of success in the industry  and Brown’s ex that he got into a domestic situation with back in 2009.

Junior Nana Dwumfour said “I don’t believe this is over Rihanna at all. Soulja is just irrelevant right now and trying to become relevant again.” No matter how this feud started, it’s getting more serious.

These insults caught the eye of the retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, and he decided to put together a pay-per-view match between the Brown and Soulja, supposedly scheduled for March.

Now, fans of the two are debating who will win this fight. Junior Kervin Yanez claimed “Soulja boy is going to win the fight because he’s a part of the bloods and with Mayweather in his corner…Chris better be ready.” Chris has the boxing legend and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in his corner training him for this fight.

Junior Edward Escobar stated “Chris Brown has the advantage. He can dance so his footwork is great, he weighs more, and has a longer reach.” These advantages play a huge factor in the ring.

Although the build up for a probable fight has been entertaining, the aftermath could be bad for both artists. So, should they really settle their differences in the ring?