Area Shootings


Recent shootings at Hawk Run in Montgomery Village (left) and by Roberto Clemente MS (right) have put all of Germantown on alert.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

Two shootings in Montgomery County this past week have the community in shock and asking for answers as to why the violence is occurring.

The first shooting occurred on Feb. 10 in Montgomery Village. Wassi Harron Raheem Young, 20, was shot in the 9500 block of Hawk Run Terrace around 2 p.m.. When Montgomery County police arrived to the scene, they found the victim laying in the parking lot area. He died on the scene due to injuries.

Another man, 23, arrived at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. He was also involved in the Feb. 10 incident. 

The second shooting occurred on Feb. 11 near Roberto Clemente Middle School. Two young men were shot by a passing vehicle at a near intersection of Warning Station Road and Summer Oak Drive, which is in front of the middle school.

The two unidentified men, 18 and 20, are recovering from gunshot wounds after being shot while walking on the street with a group of 30 people. The group had been turned away from a house party. As they walked across the street, one man was shot in the foot and the other shot in the leg.

There has been an increase of violence in Montgomery County. Senior Anthony Calero said “I don’t feel safe because I always hear people shooting in my neighborhood.” Questions have flurried around the community as of why these shootings happened.

People are concerned if they are in danger. Junior Jacob Thompson stated “both shootings didn’t seem like the targets were just random people. There should be nothing to worry about if you live in the area.” The shootings, based on detail, did seem to be targeted.

Both investigations are ongoing and everyone is hoping for justice. There is still more information needed to find the shooters in both cases.