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The Coyotes warming up for a great season

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The Coyotes warming up for a great season

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

The boy’s varsity lacrosse team is more than just a team, they are a family. On and off the field, they are classmates and brothers.

The team lost a strong lineup of seniors after graduation last year, along with former head coach Teak Bassett due to medical reasons. This season, English teacher Sean Foster and Government teacher Michael Hunt have stepped up to the plate and teamed up to coach the lacrosse team. They hope to bring a championship home to Clarksburg.

There are numerous talented JV boys lacrosse players fighting for important spots on the varsity team this year. Will only a few spots to fill, there will be a lot of competition.

Coach Hunt and Coach Foster are two new lacrosse coaches, but the players seem to be excited for new coaches and a new season. Goalie Devin Bernard said, “I like Coach Hunt and Coach Foster a lot, I think they will be great coaches.”

The coaches have both played lacrosse before, but have never coached. With the season starting March 1, this team is looking forward to getting back on the field and taking the wins home.

The 2016 season ended for the Coyotes when the boys were knocked out after the first round of the playoffs against Quince Orchard, 20-9. Defense man Matthew Beekey said, “this season we need to work harder, play harder, and work as a team and not as individuals.”

On March 22 the team has their first game against Wootton High School at the Coyote Den. The team plans to start the season off right; attack man Caleb Lederer said “we need a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears, and to always have a winning mindset.” With the season starting March 1, the team has plenty of time to work and prepare for the rest of the season.

Some of the players are confident that their new coaches will lead them to a championship, especially Bernard, he said “We are championship bound.”

Come out to see the Coyotes make their path to the state championship on March 22 at 6 p.m..

“March 22 is the start to a great season,” said Lederer.