Cat Fight in the Rap Industry


Julien Hekimian/Getty Images; Paras Griffin/ Getty Images

A split photo of Nicki Minaj (left) and Remy Ma (right).

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

Though some people are up-to-date concerning the beef between rapper Nicki Minaj and rapper Remy Ma, this beef did not start in early 2017.

The feud began way back in 2007 and was supposedly ignited by Minaj when she released “Dirty Money,” which used the beat from the Terror Squad’s song “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” In the track Minaj allegedly fired the first shot by saying “Tell that girl with the crown to run it like Chris Brown”.

Although this wasn’t a direct shot at the Terror Squad MC Ma, it was quite obvious to many fans who Minaj was directing the line at. Ma has been known for wearing crowns in promos.

With an ongoing back and forth between the two female rappers, 10 years later, on Feb. 25, 2017, Ma dropped “Shether,” the diss track that fans are buzzing about on social media.

Junior Stanlia Perry said “the whole feud started because of respect. I think that’s how most rap beefs start but Remy lyrically is the queen.”

Hearing “Shether” on the radio was way different from the live performance. On the same day as the release of “Shether,” Ma performed the song during a show with two other females rappers, Cardi B and Lil’ Kim.

Junior Destiny Smallwood says “the diss was great but Remy shouldn’t have performed it”. The performance was so bad that fans began to question if Ma had even wrote the diss herself, or she if had the help of some ghost writers.

Ma dropped another diss labeled “Another One” on March 3. Minaj hasn’t responded to either diss track, and probably won’t. But the question is still floating in the air: Who is the queen of rap?