Wanted: Graduation Speaker


Kyle Wannen

English teacher Kyle Wannen will be the 2017 graduation speaker

Kaylee Towey, Editor in Chief

The class of 2017 has been counting down the days until graduation and working to plan the perfect event, which includes choosing who they want to be their speaker.

Through multiple meetings, seniors discussed who would best fit the role. Assistant Principal Michael Smith reinforced the fact that it is the class of 2017’s graduation, and advised they pick an individual who would make the speech memorable.

Science teacher and senior co-sponsor Patricia Moser added how previous speakers were honored and emotional over their invitation to be the graduation speaker, and to consider who the class of 2017 wanted to bestow this honor upon.

“We want someone who is relatable, who is able to connect to the students,” said senior Emily Lufsey.

Senior Natalie Scherr added that the speaker should be someone who “goes above and beyond to help the students” and is well involved in the Clarksburg community.

Names were thrown around, and the list of possibilities was narrowed until only one was left. The chosen speaker has taught at CHS for six years and attended University of Maryland College Park. In addition to teaching, the individual is a coach, sponsor for multiple clubs, and a familiar face and voice throughout the school. The speaker is constantly at school sporting events and is never afraid to volunteer at pep rallies or other school activities. By helping organize student leaders, this individual is involved in school-wide decision making, and always remembers to focus on building school community and school spirit.

“The speaker spends time in and out of the classroom for the benefit of the students,” explained Scherr.

The seniors also considered who would give an engaging speech, one that would be meaningful and lighthearted.

“We want someone who has good advice that will stick with us,” said senior Paige Evans.

“The speaker has to have a good sense of humor and be easy to talk to,” added senior Holly Wilson.

This teacher’s amiable and generous nature enable him to establish connections with students, and the speaker has impacted much of the senior class. This individual has been able to teach the class of 2017 at every grade level, allowing him to be involved in and witness the students’ growth over four years.

“He always puts his teaching first, but is always down to have a good time,” said senior Bradley Tregoning. “He taught me that I always have a chance at something if I try hard enough.”

“I think the person we picked will be a great speaker because he is always willing to help and is a very personable individual,” said Lufsey.

The speaker exceeds expectations in his commitment to the school, and the class of 2017 is confident that his speech will be one to remember.

So, from the class of 2017: Kyle Wannen, will you be our graduation speaker?

Update 3/15: Wannen accepted the invitation to be the speaker at the 2017 graduation.