34-Minute Lunch is Too Short


Tyler Neidecker

The long lines and rush during lunch at CHS is troubling for many students.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

Students spend 371 minutes every day writing essays, studying review guides, taking tests and engaging in a whole lot of sitting. That is just during school hours, students also have hours of homework to do after school. Yet, through the mix of those tiring and painful hours of work, Clarksburg students only have 34 minutes to eat lunch. A longer lunch is needed for student to thrive in school.

CHS has a lot of students that buy lunch everyday, but the line is often way too long to wait.

Sophomore Dejon Robinson said, “I buy lunch about 3 out of 5 days a week, and every time I do, I walk around the school for about 10 minutes before I get in line because the line is too long.”

If students only have 34 minutes to eat, why is half that time being wasted on waiting to actually get the food to eat? Additionally, students often have more to do during lunch than just eat.

English teacher Robin Roberson said, “I think kids have enough time for lunch, but only lunch, they have no time to use the bathroom, socialize, or see a teacher.”

Students have so much to do, with so little time. They have to eat lunch and many have to go see a teacher if they missed a day or a quiz. Every student has heard a teacher say “come in at lunch” or “retakes are at lunch.” If something needs to be done, it is during students free time.

For those students who have to take tests at lunch, they often barely eat their lunch.

Sophomore Daniel Ward stated, “I had to take a test, and I got my lunch with 30 seconds left in the block, we need to make lunch longer for all of our sakes.”

Students are having to retake tests at lunch and then not eating, which can be detrimental to their health, and thus their grades. It’s often hard for people to focus when they are hungry.

If students had more time at lunch to have fun, talk, and play on their phones, maybe that would change their behavior in class.

Roberson said, “I think kids need to be able to have a lot of fun and free time at lunch, maybe if that happened they would use their phone at lunch and not in class.”

The fact is that out of 25 high schools in Montgomery County, Clarksburg has the second shortest lunch. The only other school with a shorter lunch is Churchill with a 30 minutes lunch period. The average lunch time in Montgomery County is 43 minutes long, that is a whole 9 minutes longer.

Students would be more focused in their classes and more motivated to work after a nice break with friends. The appropriate lunch time is 48 minutes, which would be accomplished by shortening all classes by two minutes. Two minutes in every class is nothing, but an extra 14 is everything. Students need a longer lunch for the benefit of everyone.