Age Old Tradition Fading Away



The Class of 2017 fails to participate in senior activities

Bradley Tregoning, Reporter

Seniors have been submitting quotes for their school’s yearbook for years, but this year at Clarksburg the number of senior quotes submitting was an all time low. Only 216 out of 422 seniors submitted quotes.

Yearbook sponsor Claudia Renehan has made a decision to not include senior quotes in the 2017-2018 year book. Part of the reason Renehan made that decision, ignoring the low participation rate, is due to the fact that she has to decipher a lot of quotes and reject them. The yearbooks editorial policy states “because of liability, no encrypted, coded, or abbreviated messages will be printed in senior salutations.”

Renehan shared a couple reasons for why she believes there was so little participation “They don’t have a quote, saying, or motto that they want to share with everyone, and people aren’t enthusiastic about the quotes and people were getting lazy,” explained Renehan. Considering that many seniors googled senior quotes to submit, it makes sense that those lacking the originality creativity did not submit a quote.

Much of the class of 2017 also appears to not care about school spirit and participation, which reflects in the total number of submissions. The yearbook class even made it easier to submit the quotes by creating an online submission form on google classroom. With this new way to submit, the class was hoping there would be more submissions, but it was quite the opposite.

“It was disappointing because you didn’t have to get a paper and walk to my classroom to turn it in,” Renehan said, but there was still so few submissions.

Senior Dillyn Payne said “I think people just didn’t care or they aren’t buying a yearbook, so why would they put a quote in if they aren’t buying a yearbook.”

It appears people don’t want to leave a lasting impression for their school.

Payne also had another perspective on why people didn’t submit quotes: “people think that their quote would be under their picture, so for some people who didn’t get their senior pictures taken they didn’t submit a quote.”

Senior Kassie Thompson gave her insight into why she didn’t submit a quote, and said “I didn’t know that it needed to be submitted by a certain date, [but] I would’ve submitted a quote if i knew when the deadline was.”

But it was very clear on when the senior quote needed to be submitted by, so are students just not paying attention to any announcements, causing this unaware lack of participation?

Thompson also gave some advice on how to get more participation with the quotes, and said “have seniors fill out their quotes in English class, because every senior needs English to graduate and you can give it as a grade.”

It’s a shame that this advice came too late, sadly the senior quote era has ended at Clarksburg. But, this gives the opportunity to start a new senior tradition. Have any ideas?