Coyotes Plan to Plunge

Tyler Neidecker , Editor

CHS is hosting their first ever Polar Bear Plunge. A Polar Bear Plunge is an event where all the participants jump into a ice cold pool or lake. On April 4, from 2:30 to 4:15 p.m., Sign Language teacher Meredith MacLauchlan is hosting the event. All of the proceeds will go to the Maryland special Olympics program.

The event is being held outside portables 5-11, near the student parking lot. At the Plunge there will be a bunch of activities including capture the flag, relay races, and of course the plunge. The event is going to include a ton of fun activities for all students, even those who do not wish to plunge.

MacLauchlan has done a plunge before, with a close friend named David who has down syndrome. She described that “his parents were basically my parents.”

MacLauchlan said, “my first plunge was very cold, we did ours in February, but it was still a great experience.” 

MacLauchlan doubled majored in college with Deaf education and Special education.

MacLauchlan explained, “it is nice to raise money for these kids to have fun, and eat, and enjoy the things that they might not get the chance to do.”

As of March 28, CHS has raised $1,549, with the goal being $10,000. CHS has 2,000 students and over 50 staff members, meaning that if every person in the school donated just $5, Clarksburg would surpass the goal. Many staff members and students have raised over 100 dollars, so that just makes it easier on everybody else.

The money is going to a good cause, and it is coming from good people. MacLauchlan said, “I look forward to seeing the students and staff working together raising money for a good cause.”

Some kids do not have the opportunity to play sports and have fun. This event is to raise money for kids without that opportunity.

Freshmen Abby Sigler said, “my brother is autistic, I am very passionate about special needs kids having the opportunity to be able to do what everyone else can do.”

The entry fee to the Plunge is only 5 dollars. The plunge is a win-win, CHS students have a great time plunging and hanging out with friends, and the kids that never thought they would have the chance to go out and play on a sport team or attend a summer camp will be able to.

Go donate to link the below, click on a name and hit ‘GIVE NOW.’ Let’s Plunge!