Parking Without Permits


Bailey Ingalla

Students often have to park illegally due to the lack of parking spaces.

Ryo Fabre, Reporter

Every year it seems like the school parking lot gets more crowded, and this year is the most populated it has ever been. Students and teachers have been complaining about this issue since the beginning of the year, and some of them can’t even park in a spot due to the whole parking lot being full.

There are also a number of students who are driving illegally and parking in spots.Those spots can be used for people that bought a parking permit and are driving legally. It has gotten to a point where students park on the side of the lot or even up on the grass, going over a curb. Teachers have to sometimes park in the student parking lot as students are starting to park in the teacher lot.

Recently, security handed out warnings for parking passes, but many students are ignoring them. In the past, when warnings were given, there was still no penalty for failing to purchase a parking permit. This means many students aren’t worried by the warning, feeling there will be no follow up consequence. Usually the warning paper says cars without parking permits will be towed, but that has yet to happen once.

Some students had different advice. Senior Paige Evans believes that there should be a different consequence for not having a parking permit, and that the school should follow through with their warnings.

She also said teachers and seniors should get priority for parking, “we should let seniors get priority or assign parking spots for individuals, this needs to be fixed because it is a big problem at our school.”

She is very frustrated as this problem hasn’t gotten enough attention and been fixed, and it should be the first thing Clarksburg handles.

Evans also said students cause additional problems with parking.

“People need to learn how to park and not to park in two spots, students also need to stop being douchebags,” said Evans.

Evans thinks the money from the parking permits should go back to the school. “The money should be used to paint new parking lines because their aren’t even lines anymore. We just assume that it’s a spot and that’s where the double parking happens,” Evans explained.

Evans elaborated that “I bought a parking pass for over $30 dollars and it’s not even a guarantee that I will get a parking spot. This frustrates me because nothing is being done about it, just warnings.”

So what is the next step that Clarksburg will take to tackle this problem that many students and teachers are facing? Hopefully this problem will be solved sooner rather than later.