Time to Lace Up, and Ace Up



Junior Kyle Kiser serving in the game against Wootton

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

With the new season starting and a competitive 5-set win against Northwest leading to a 2-1 record, the Clarksburg Coed Volleyball team is looking forward to a long and exciting season.

The Coyotes suffered their first loss March 21 in a back-and-forth game against Wootton that they dropped in 5 sets.

After their opening loss, the team has won two games in a row. They defeated Churchill on Monday and Northwest on Tuesday.

Junior Kristine Antanesian explained “most of our guys are new and they need time to adjust and learn the game better.”

This means it’s not the same old team from last year. With fresh faces on the team this year, the Coyotes expected to improve gradually as the season advanced.

Junior Jadyn Yu said “I thought we weren’t going to do that well to be honest. But after the first week of practice I thought differently.”

She continued that “although most of the guys are inexperienced, they picked up the game really quickly.” 

With the new season there also comes new competition. The Coyotes are not the only team that have new faces this season.

“Most schools are starting off fresh, without their star players or returning players,” Yu claimed.

There’s a lot of skills newcomers will need to develop, but the season is very young.

Antanesian said “things like blocking in coed is important so the guys need to learn those techniques and be more explosive. If they get everything down pack, we have a good season.”

The spotlight is on the rookies to see what they got. Expectations are high and so are goals for team members.

Junior Kyle Kiser said “my goal for the team is to be really good this season. Definitely more wins than losses.”

Now all the team has to do is play their hearts out and leave it all on the floor.