Obamacare ‘Trumps’ New Healthcare Bill



President Trump at a press conference following the failure of his healthcare bill

Jordan Doss, Alum

The Trump campaign has long promised to repeal Obamacare, but they failed to do so in a recent vote.

On March 24, House Representatives pulled the new healthcare bill that was due to go to vote. This new bill was constructed by President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan who aim to replace Obamacare and repeal major aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

President Trump claims that the bill only needed 10 to 15 more votes, and the reason they were not able to obtain the votes was because the democrats offered no support for the bill.

“When you get no votes from the other side, meaning the democrats, it is really a difficult situation,” said Trump during the press conference pertaining to the healthcare bill.

Following the failure of the bill, Trump decided to continue the use of Obamacare as the nation’s healthcare until they find a replacement. Trump is firm in his belief that Obamacare will eventually fail, and at that time his bill will be the replacement.

“I think that we need to let Obamacare go its way for awhile and we’ll see how things go. I would love it to go well, I want great healthcare for the people of this nation, but it can’t do well. It’s imploding and soon will explode, and it is not gonna be pretty,” claimed Trump.

As a result of the bill failing, many citizens have speculations and concerns surrounding the future healthcare system of this country.

“I think the challenge with this bill is that it was put together very quickly and it appeared to not include input from all the major stakeholders. I do not believe that [Trump] will see healthcare reform until we see our representatives work together in a bipartisan way, and I hope that they will be able to do that,” said English teacher Dr. Jeanine Hurley.

It remains unclear whether or not a new healthcare system is feasible. Unless the leaders of this country begin working together as a united front for the benefit of the citizens, no desirable outcome will be plausible.