Clarksburg Gun Threat


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Police investigate a threat made towards CHS.

Madiha Lasker, Reporter

The social media platforms of CHS students exploded with concerns for their safety after a fellow CHS student posted a threatening message on Instagram on March 31.

The post was a clear threat to the students and faculty at Clarksburg, and made references to the Columbine incident. In a letter to the community, principal Steve Whiting said that the police and MCPS Safety and Security officials investigated the threat and “determined that there is no current threat to our school at this time and [police] will continue to monitor and work with us to ensure our students and staff are safe.”

Some students reported the threatening post to the CHS administration, as well as reporting the threat straight to MCPS officials and police. The CHS student behind the threat is now facing “discipline to the highest extent possible in accordance with the MCPS Student Code of Conduct,” Whiting said in the letter to the public.

According the the Student Code of Conduct, the most intensive punishment for threatening a school shooting involves long-term out-of-school suspension, expulsion, or referral to an alternate education program. The minimum punishment for threatening a school shooting is temporary removal from class, community service and/or peer mediation.

After the threat received attention on multiple local news networks, some CHS students stayed home from school on Monday.

“[My mother] won’t let me go to school, she’s afraid of me going to school. People can’t just take it as a joke,” tweeted junior Jeanpaul Garmes.

“I saw the post on an Instagram story thing, and at first I thought it was a joke until I peeped twitter and realized it was like a real threat,” junior Hebah Shazeb said.

The threat caught the attention of not only CHS students and staff, but individuals all over the county.

“It’s so scary to think about a school being attacked like that,” Quince Orchard senior Courtni Cody said. “Especially with stories like elementary schools getting attacked by strangers in the past. This is an actual student that is threatening his peers. Imagine what his friends thought when they saw his post.”


Madiha Lasker
A screen capture of the threatening post (student’s name and handle are cropped out).