Humans Review ‘Humanz’

Jordan Doss, Alum

After seven years of silence, the virtual band Gorillaz released a new album titled Humanz April 28.

The group has many dedicated fans who have been patiently awaiting a new album since the release of their album The Fall in 2010. As a sneak-peak preview of Humanz, they released four new songs from the album on March 23 and an additional song March 28. Since then, their audience has been looking forward to the complete album desperately.

“I am very excited. The music they have already released on their new album is outstanding,” sophomore Angelina Lapadula said.

The Gorillaz were created in 1998 by Damon Albam and Jamie Hewlett. The band has received such incredible responses because of their unique style in comparison to other music that is commonly popular.

“It doesn’t get boring after you play it the third time like most mainstream music,” sophomore Merline Broadnax said.

Humanz is no exception. With the alternative and indie description, and the release of a 360-degree YouTube music video, the band is ensuring that they are viewed as anything but regular.

“I enjoy their music because it is not like all these other wannabe artists. It’s real stuff,” Lapadula said.

A recap of reviews since the album dropped on reports Humanz reaching number 2 on the iTunes charts and number 1 on the alternative charts. The overall opinions surrounding the new album leans towards the positive and have boosted the Gorillaz’s other albums into the media as well. Their album Demon Days hit number 2 on the iTunes alternative charts, and their first album Gorillaz is now resting at number 5.

Generally, Humanz has been a complete success in the media, and has offered more than most fans of the Gorillaz, or alternative music, had been expecting.

“I feel like it contains multiple genres of music that anyone could find an interest in,” sophomore Abraham Manilla said.

However, with new music and new sounds, comes new critiques as well. Some who have been fans of the Gorillaz, find themselves disappointed by the direction the band seems to be going in.

“Although I enjoyed it, I do wish it was more of just them, and less of them featuring other artists. They also seem to sound a bit more mainstream than they did in their previous albums compared to Humanz” junior Sarah Galczynski said.

Overall, the responses from the public and the media indicate general approval of the band’s comeback, and will continue to support them in their musical career.