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26 Seniors Awarded for Academic Achievement

26 seniors earn Top 25 status

26 seniors earn Top 25 status

Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh

26 seniors earn Top 25 status

Kaylee Towey, Editor in Chief

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Each year, CHS honors the 25 seniors with the highest cumulative weighted GPA. The students, along with their families and a staff member honoree, are invited to a dinner in celebration of their accomplishment.

Being a member of the Top 25 is a cumulative effort of the students’ four years at CHS, and being in the top five percent out of around 450 seniors is quite difficult. Same as last year, there are 26 members due to a tie.   

“I had no idea that I was in the Top 25 so hearing that I was was pretty cool. I felt honored that my hard work paid off in high school,” senior Sarah Crim explained.

As the Top 25 is based on cumulative GPA, the members would have had to maintain a high GPA for all of high school.

“I am very excited and proud of myself and all my peers because this is something that I have strived for since my freshman year, and it’s nice to reach this goal of mine,” senior Camryn Hall said.

“To get this honor feels really great,” senior Alice Liao added.

Being a Top 25 member is not only a result of good grades, but an outcome of excelling in the most challenging classes CHS has to offer. These students go above and beyond in the classroom, placing them at the top, and the recognition is well deserved due to their dedication to learning.

“I am really happy and honored that my hard work over the past four years culminates in this award, and I am excited to see the student-staff pairs and to share this experience with my honoree,” senior Seungtaek Oh said.

In addition to the students’ excitement, it is also an honor for staff members to be invited. They are chosen by the top seniors for having made a lasting impact on the student. While the students are awarded for their hard work in the classroom, the staff members are also recognized for their exceptional work in teaching and guiding the next generation of leaders.

“I’m honored to have made it into the Top 25, and the dedicated support from my teachers throughout high school is what allowed me to succeed,” senior Matthew Perez stated.

At the dinner, the student says a few words about their staff honoree’s impact on their educational experience, and then the staff member talks about the student.

“I’m both thrilled and honored to speak on behalf [of my student]” wrestling coach Robert Pinsky said.  

“I’m excited to share the experience with one of my favorite SGA officers; I’ve never been so this will be a first,” NSL teacher Angela Wang added.

The night is a memorable experience for students and staff, and is a means of celebrating the accomplishments and future successes of the senior class.

“It’s definitely my favorite night of the year, it’s one of those nights that makes you so thankful that you’re an educator,” Top 25 co-coordinator Jayme Jaramillo said. “Listening to the accomplishments of the students provides affirmation that we’re making a difference, and it provides me with a sense of excitement to hear about their future plans.”

Fifteen of the Top 25 members will be attending the University of Maryland College Park in the fall, while others will be traveling to Princeton, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Wake Forest University, George Washington University, the University of South Carolina, Eckerd College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Utah State University, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Congratulations to seniors Adam Rasmussen, Adam Lee, Alice Liao, Anna Sorensen, Brandon Oliphant, Brittany Shin, Catherine Ladas, Clark Farley, Chris Huh, Camryn Hall, Destiny Lim, Dillyn Payne, Federico Sandi Espinoza, Kaylee Towey, Keerthana Srinivasan, Korinne Schwartz, Ladymarien Marasigan, Matthew Perez, Michael Lum, Mitchell Phan, Rahul Shah, Robert Qian, Seungtaek Oh, Sarah Crim, Zachery Rabin, and Zuzanna Benicka on this accomplishment!

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26 Seniors Awarded for Academic Achievement