The ‘Wonder-ful’ Review of Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman movie cover image

Jordan Doss, Alum

In the new superhero action movie, starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the audience watched as a sheltered princess who was trained to be a powerful warrior, goes out into a world run by men, and attempts to put an end to all war. On opening weekend, the movie made $58 million in box office sales according to the Rotten Tomatoes website, and has a score of 93%. Many viewers were excited for this movie because a strong female is the lead.

“I went to see Wonder Woman because I wanted to watch a movie with an empowering female lead,” sophomore Alyssa Carson said.

In the Superhero universes, females are commonly main characters, but scarcely the lead in their own movie.

“It’s good to see a female lead because it gives people the impression that equality based off gender is not restricted in any form of entertainment. It shows that women can be just as strong as men,” sophomore Balmory Moran said .

The overall review of the movie is in favor of the positive attributes.

“Wonder Woman definitely lived up to it’s hype. The movie was entertaining to watch and had a storyline that was interesting and easy to understand,” sophomore Tammy Ngo said.

Many people agree that the storyline was fascinating and kept a steady and exciting pace, although with loads of positive feedback, there are still a few opinions about how it could have been better.

“Maybe a better background to the story of the Amazon women and war between the gods [could be added to the plot],” junior Jacob Litchfield said.

Viewers argue that perhaps too much focus was directed towards the general plot of the movie, and not focused on other areas like background information and fight scenes.

“After all the build up in the movie about Wonder Woman putting an end to war, her fight with Ares could have been a lot better,” sophomore Abraham Manilla said.

Despite the critiques, many would still recommend the movie to anyone who finds themselves enjoying other superhero movies.

“I would definitely recommend others to see Wonder Woman. It was enjoyable to watch throughout the whole movie,” Ngo said.

Wonder Woman has gotten spectacular reviews from all types of viewers, give it a watch and there will be no “wonder” why people love it.