Owusu Hired as New CHS Principal

Former Timberwolf, New Coyote

Mr Owusu, former principal of Shady Grove, and Now a Coyote!

Mr Owusu, former principal of Shady Grove, and Now a Coyote!

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

All great things must come to an end.

When word spread that CHS principal Stephen Whiting was retiring after the 2016-2017 school year, that idiom became relevant to many CHS students and staff. He will be missed and CHS won’t be the same without him.

CHS now needs to begin another chapter, and that chapter starts with former Shady Grove Middle School’s Principal and former technology teacher at Blake middle school, Edward Owusu who was selected to be Whiting’s replacement. Owusu will be the new CHS principal at the start of the 2017-2018 school year, and many are very excited to see how this chapter goes.

“ I am hoping that he has a positive impact on the school; this school needs discipline,” Coach Deborah Waxman said,

Many students are also excited to see the impacts Owusu has on the CHS community. “It’s hard to find a principal that can be chill and calm with the students, but still control it. That is what Whiting did; I just hope Mr. Owusu can do the same,” junior Alex Smith said.

Whiting was a principal for 11 years including at CHS for the past two years and at Rocky Hill Middle School for 9 whole years. Whiting is leaving one chapter of his life and starting a new one, and all of CHS hopes he has a great and enjoyable next chapter with his new job in the special Olympics.

“I work with kids and school systems to find kids with disabilities the money and opportunity to play sports,” Whiting said.