Clarksburg loses first home game 13-20


George Smith

The Clarksburg football players hold up the number 4 in remembrance of the four lives lost.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

After winning their opening game of the season at Kennedy Sept. 1, the varsity football team fell short at home against Urbana.

On offense both teams had a shaky start. Junior quarterback Joey Perkins fumbled in the first quarter, but Urbana couldn’t capitalize on that opportunity. With 4:43 left in the first quarter, senior cornerback Justice Williams caught an interception. The fans roared with excitement but could not encourage the Coyote offense to capitalize on the turnover. The quarter was on the edge of being scoreless until Urbana made a 28-yard field goal at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was where Clarksburg took off. Perkins ran for a 14-yard touchdown with 6:04 left to play in the quarter. Perkins scrambled for another 1-yard touchdown with just 0:40 left in the second.

The Coyotes were hitting on all cylinders in the first half. “Our team did really good on offense getting up the field” senior tight end Kory Fleming said. They looked strong heading into the second half.

In the third quarter Urbana came out strong. Senior running back Ja’ren Kenyatta rushed for a 17-yard touchdown early in the third closing the deficit to 13-10. However junior safety Benjamin Spiess picked off a pass at 2:20 to keep the Coyotes ahead moving into the final quarter.

“We didn’t expect Urbana to come out of halftime and play the way they did” senior defensive end Miles Prather said . The fourth quarter took a dark turn for Clarksburg. With a 4 yard run by Kenyatta, the Hawks took the lead 13-17 with 10:45 left in the game. The Hawks won the game 13-20 by making a 23-yard field goal late.

The Coyotes next game will be against the 2-0 Quince Orchard Cougars tonight in another shot to get their first home win.  “We have a great shot of beating Quince Orchard” Williams stated .