Impaired Driver Mistakenly Tours CHS Sidewalks


Amaya Dennis

Curb where the accident occurred.

Amaya Dennis, Reporter

CHS students and teachers were stunned Monday as what appeared to be a delirious driver swerved onto the curb near the student parking lot as students headed to their cars around 2:40 p.m.

According to eyewitnesses the driver appeared to be disoriented and losing consciousness as she entered Clarksburg via the student lot and drove onto the curb by the stadium driveway.

She was swerving towards the sidewalk where students were walking,” social studies teacher Michael Hunt. “At first I thought the driver was having mechanical trouble, until I noticed that she appeared to be unconscious.”

Senior Cornell Hanna hustled to portable six and alerted Hunt about the dangerous driver. Hunt then went to investigate immediately.

“[The car] rolled up to the curb and stopped long enough for me to knock on her window,” Hunt said. “She looked up and rolled down the window. I asked her if she was okay, but she was obviously incoherent so I reached in, put the car in gear, and turned the ignition off.”

As students were walking to their cars after dismissal, they noticed the woman driving erratically into the lot. Other drivers were honking and driving around her vehicle until she came to a stop against the curb.

“She looked like her head was drooping, like she was sleeping and then waking up,” senior Brynn Forrest said. “She kept inching forward in a straight line and finally went over the sidewalk.”

After the woman’s engine was cut off, the police were called and she was arrested and taken into police custody. An MCPD official said the female was charged with DUI offenses that occurred on school property.