Bike Burglaries in Clarksburg

Areas where the bicycle thefts occurred.


Areas where the bicycle thefts occurred.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

       Detectives from the Montgomery County Police 5th District Patrol Investigation have arrested and charged a 16-year-old Clarksburg resident in connection with up to a dozen burglary and theft offenses for stealing bikes.

       Detective Jesse Dickensheets and the 5th District investigators have been investigating the string of burglaries that occurred in late August in the Clarksburg area.

       A Clarksburg resident notified detectives Aug. 30, that two of his stolen bicycles were being offered for sale on the app, OfferUp. Detectives identified the seller of the stolen bicycles as a 16-year-old juvenile male. Investigators further determined that the juvenile had sold multiple bicycles on the OfferUp app beginning in early June of 2017.

       “Until we got the report from the victim finding his bicycles on OfferUp,” Detective Dickensheets said,“I knew that the bikes were disappearing, but I didn’t know where. Then the victim found his bicycles — two very high-end bicycles on OfferUp. One was worth about $4,500, and the other was a custom one-of-kind mountain bike work $2,800.”

        Investigators contacted the buyers of the previously sold bicycles and recovered 11 bicycles. Detectives determined that six of those bicycles had been reported as stolen from the garages in Clarksburg.

       “I think it’s scary that in such a safe area like Clarksburg people are stealing bikes,”  senior Rudy Lopez said.

        Dickensheets does not believe that the suspect was acting alone. He believes that other juveniles in the area have been helping in both the theft and the storage of the bicycles.

         The thefts for which the teen is charged occurred on the following dates and locations in Clarksburg,  August 20 on 23100 block of Newcut Road, August 26 on 23800 block of Burdette Forest Road, August 26 on 11900 block of Skylark Road, August 26 on 23100 block of Mistflower Drive,  August 27 on 22700 block of Autumn Breeze Avenue, and  August 30 on 11800 block of Snowden Farm Parkway.  

        According to police, five of the 11 bicycles have been returned to their owners, and police are still attempting to get six more bikes back to their owners.