Recycling Team Keeps the School Clean

Jordan Doss, Alum

Recycling is an important cause that many Americans fail to properly participate in. Commonly, throwing away an item that can be recycled is overlooked, but these items add up. According to a study done by BYU Idaho, if items were properly disposed of in the correct bin, up to $7 billion can be gained for the United States government.
To help with the severe issue of recycling, Clarksburg, along with several other schools in the country, now run recycling clubs. These clubs spend time collecting plastic and paper recyclables from around the school. These items are then weighed and the school receives money per pound collected. Many things can be done for the students and the school because of this money.
“It’s awesome because the money that the school gets from recycling goes into an account and now I can use that money to pay for field trips,” Recycling Club sponsor Emily Hoponick said..”Students are able to go on all of these trips with no monetary cost.” .
Along with field trips, members of the club have opportunities to get weekly SSL hours, participate in t-shirt design competitions, meet new friends, and most of all, have fun.
“I really like this club. It’s a great group of people who join together for one cause,” said a student member.
It is important that everyone works together to improve the environment and the school as a whole through recycling. Raising money so that students have a cleaner earth and more academic opportunities is a great start. By encouraging recycling, these students take initiative and accept responsibility over the impact that everyone is capable of having on the planet.

“Recycle and recycle properly. We need everyone’s help. Recycling is cool. You are helping your home ‘Earth’ and your fellow Coyotes,” Hoponick said.