Field Hockey Advances to Regional Final With 2-0 Win Over QO


Tony Kosiyachinda

The Lady Coyotes Field Hockey team celebrated their 2-1 victory over Quince Orchard earlier this season, and they celebrated again after winning the regional semifinal matchup 2-0.

Cornell Hanna, Reporter

The Coyote Canyon was packed with supporters Monday night as the Lady Coyotes took on Quince Orchard in the 4A field hockey semi-finals. These two teams met earlier in the regular season with Clarksburg winning 2-1.

Within the first 3 minutes of the game, senior forward Sydney Bencal scored Clarksburg’s first goal of the game. She has been key to the Coyote’s success all year.

“There was a lot of passing in the circle, so I couldn’t tell who assisted me, but I was on the left side of the seven and someone crossed over the ball and I had a split second to shoot it,” said Bencal after the game.

The Lady Coyotes’ defense was led by seniors Brynn Forrest, Cassie Smith, Abby Smith, and goalie Jamie Fritz. They played suffocating defense, and kept the Cougars from getting many shots on goal en route to a shutout win.

Junior center-midfielder Anna Bertrand scored the Coyotes’ second goal of the game late in the second half. It was assisted by senior midfielder Gianna Giacalone and sealed the win as QO had very little time left to score.

“We had a corner and Coach Eastly had been telling me to just do a straight shot, so I saw the opening and hit it,” said Bertrand.

Although the team was excited about their big win, their focus had shifted to Wednesday’s regional championship match-up against the 11-5 Sherwood Warriors. The Coyotes never played, but they are familiar with their personnel and style of play.

“They’ve beaten good teams and lost to good teams, but they are very confident in their play and not afraid to move the ball up the field,” said senior forward Kirsten Miller.

The Coyotes will travel to Walter Johnson to face Sherwood at 5 pm tonight. A win will place the team in the state semi-finals scheduled for Nov. 6.