Stranger Things Returns with a Season Two



A few main characters from Stranger Things season 2.

Jordan Doss, Alum

The second season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things was released  Oct. 27, and is currently streaming online. This season consists of 9 episodes, and continues the storyline from where it left off in season 1.

Once again, treacherous supernatural forces have taken over the town of Hawkins, and it is up to it’s citizens to extinguish them. Along with the returning cast of last season, several new characters have been introduced and involved in the new storyline.

“Each individual character, even some of the new ones, had bigger roles in defeating the monsters this season,” sophomore Larissa Moran-Floquet said .

This season heavily focuses on a more in-depth view of the characters and their individual backstories. Many mysteries were solved, which enabled the audience to gain insight into their lives.

“I liked season 2 because it tied up issues that were left unanswered from season 1, and allowed us to be able to know a little bit more of what we were dealing with,” history teacher Carol Sabet said .

As background stories and plotlines become uncovered, the characters begin to develop and change their roles in the show.

“Now there are more romantic scenes with Nancy and Jonathan, but last season she spent most of her time fawning after Steve. Suddenly Nancy is beginning to figure herself out a little more, and it is honestly really interesting to witness first hand,” freshman Zoe Doss said .

Many dedicated viewers of season 1 waited patiently for this season’s release, and they are more than satisfied with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% and an 8.9/10 on IMDb.

“Each episode gets better and better. The acting is great from all of the actors and actresses that play a role in this season,” said Moran-Floquet.

With the overwhelming success of the season and pleasant reviews, it is recommended that any netflix-owner who likes science-fiction and suspenseful dramas, give the show a chance and begin watching.