What’s The Deal With Meek Mill?


Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Meek Mill looked wide-eyed as he’s heading back to jail for his 2 to 4 year sentence

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

Meek Mill received a sentence of two to four years in prison after the Philadelphia rapper violated his probation with a pair of arrests in August.

The rapper, born Robert Williams, was arrested in March following a fight at a St. Louis airport, although those charges were dropped. Meek Mill also pleaded guilty to reckless driving in October after he posted videos of himself doing wheelies on a dirt bike in New York City.

In an interview with complex news, Tacopina, got on the phone with them Tuesday and was livid about the sentence that was handed down to his client. Tacopina is planning on winning the appeal and getting Meek Mill out of a bad situation.

Meek Mill’s attorney Joe Tacopina said “ Judge Brinkley’s personal bias led to his sentence”. 

This arrest was trending all over social media. Plenty of fans have used the #FreeMeekMill hoping for what they believe is an unjust situation to turn into justice. Students at CHS can’t believe Meek Mill is once again being arrested.

Senior Daniel Rosazza said, “I heard about Meek Mill getting arrested on Twitter. It was in the top 3 trending stories.” 

Junior Shane Paul stated “For a failed urine test Meek Mill was sentenced more time than, Darren Wilson- Michael Brown’s killer, Timothy Loehmann- Tamir Rice’s killer, Daniel Pantaleo-  Eric Garner’s killer, Sean Williams- John Crawford’s killer, Michael Slager- Walter Scott’s killer combined.”

After hearing about all these killings, what Meek Mill did to some people may not seem like a problem. Other people agree with sending the rapper to jail for 2-4 years.

Senior Christian Reid said “Meek Mill broke the law, Therefore Meek Mill should be locked. There should be no special treatment because he is famous”.

Rap legend Jay-Z has weighed in on the verdict against Meek Mill and is very unhappy. Jay-Z told TMZ the decision was “unjust and heavy handed.”