Famous Faces being Accused of Sexual Assault


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Matt Lauer, former Today Show host, was fired after allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Jordan Doss, Alum

Celebrity sexual assault cases have been a problem for decades. Famous men abuse their power and take advantage of others, using their fame. Commonly, the cases of these victims are not heard, but in today’s society, light is being shined on many more sexual assault cases.

Recently, several allegations have been made towards A-list celebrities such as House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. Spacey is thought to have made passes at a 14-year-old boy, but has denied these accusations and blamed his mistakes on intoxication. Now, more than 20 other men and women have come forward accusing Spacey of harassment.

However, Spacey is not the only one facing public ridicule due to sexual misconduct. The Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired by NBC for supposedly taking part in inappropriate sexual behavior with a subordinate. 34 hours after the woman and her attorney contacted NBC, the company decided to fire Lauer from his position.

“Sexual assault is never okay and celebrities should not be able to get away with it just because they’re famous. Companies like NBC are great because they actually attempt to make a difference, but I wish more people tried to ensure things like this couldn’t happen anymore,” junior Ang LaPadula said.

Society in general has started standing up for having less tolerance over sexual harassment and assault; but still many do not seem to understand or care about the seriousness of the issue.

“It’s obviously a problem, but nothing can really be done sometimes because of how big these people are in the media. Often, it’s their word against ours, and they usually win,” junior Soojai Shin said.

No matter who is caught committing these acts, the proper and complete punishments should always be enforced. No one should be able to get away these crimes, and the fact that so many still do is astonishing and unacceptable. The sheer ignorance surrounding the topic of sexual assault needs to be dropped, so that future harassment can be prevented.