Portable Teachers Create “Outsiders” Lunch Event

For teachers in the portables near the stadium, lunch has become a can't-miss event for these

Amaya Dennis

For teachers in the portables near the stadium, lunch has become a can't-miss event for these "Outsiders".

Amaya Dennis, Reporter


After opening the portable door and walking in, the aroma of hot, homemade jambalaya wafts throughout the almost claustrophobic room. Teachers makelight conversation while soft music plays over the speakers. A group of CHS students stares longingly, wishing they could enjoy the food as well.

The CHS history teachers in the stadium-adjacent portables realized that they don’t always make it inside the building for the better part of the school day, so they decided to start making lunch for all the teachers that are stuck out in the cold. History teachers such as Michael Hunt, Carol Sabet, and Richard Noland bring in amazing meals for the other portable teachers and all of the other history teachers in the building as well. So far meals have only been open to the teachers in the history department.

Two weeks ago Hunt was the most recent teacher to bring in lunch. He brought in a crock pot full of homemade jambalaya for all the teachers which had most of the students jealous.

“The food is always great, and we don’t like to share,” Hunt said. “We might make exceptions for a few eager– better yet annoying– students after all the teachers have eaten, but other than that, we’re the outsiders. ”

Every week it seems like Sabet is bringing in tasty snacks and dishes for everyone to try, and she sort of kick started the lunch meals that everyone has been bringing in.

“We’re like a little family out here and it’s nice to know that we all care about each other enough to eat meals together every once in awhile,” Sabet said.

The teachers have made a schedule so they each know who’s bringing in what and when.History teacher Emily Demarest recently was on the schedule and she brought in a delicious lemon cake for everyone to enjoy.

The teachers outside value each other and like to reward each other’s work with delicious meals.

“We’re the outsiders, and outsiders support each other,” Hunt added.