Students Put in the ‘Work’ to Manage Education and Career

Jordan Doss, Alum

Many students in high school find themselves needing or wanting a part-time job. For some, they may be battling financial issues like gas for their car, or cell phone bills. Others may want some extra spending money, or want something to do with their excess free time. Regardless of the reasons behind getting a job, one issue consistently comes up: how to efficiently balance both school and work without experiencing any shortcomings in either.

“I decided I wanted to get a job because I lay around the house a lot, so it was time to do something,” junior Karen Ruiz said. “There are difficulties in getting my homework done before I have to clock in though.”

It is a challenge for some students to wake up early and go to school for almost 7 hours, but to have to go into work almost immediately after school leaves students little to no time to complete necessary tasks like homework assignments, and getting a good night’s rest.

“My sleep schedule changed because I like being in bed by 10, but I get home from work at 9, so sometimes if I have a lot of homework to do, I’ll be up for an extra hour or two,” said junior Carlos Hernandez.

Losing hours for sleep and homework completion can be detrimental, but it does not have to be.

“If students are working too many hours, it could definitely have an impact; but the question is how many hours is too many hours, and that should be left up to the student,” said science teacher Joyce Tuten.

Although there may be negatives to being a working student, there are plenty of positive aspect sto the situation as well.

“A positive of having a job in high school is that I can start saving up for my future and I’ve also become a bit more outgoing since I have to talk with people at work now,” Ruiz said.

School can be stressful enough at times with the piles of assignments and tests, and adding in the additional stress that a ob can cause, has the potential to overwhelm any student. However, if enough effort is applied to balance both aspects of their lives, it is more than possible to be a happy and successful working student.