Class Town Hall Meetings


Everyone gets a turn to raise their hand at a town hall meeting.

Jordan Doss , Alum

A new semesterly assembly where the student body representatives from each CHS class are brought in front of the class to discuss important issues has begun over the past two months. The idea for the assemblies stems from the overall unsatisfied day-to-day experience that the student body has been expressing to the administrators. The staff members also concluded that changes could be made, and therefore they began the development of a system that can provide them with direct student input, and give them a chance to express their own concerns.

These assemblies are being referred to as Class Town Hall Meetings. The audience is provided with microphones that they can can use to address what was said, or to ask their own questions about the issue so that everyone has an equal chance to have their opinions heard.

“We recognized that as a department we wanted more face-to-face time so that we have an easier time getting information out and getting the student’s voices in it all,” Counseling Department head Lindsay Cao said.

Lots of organization goes into these meetings, from both staff members and students.

“I’ve enjoyed it so far since I really like hearing the feedback from a student’s perspective and also having the opportunity to provide my own input and advice for the underclassmen,” senior Jamie Banaticla said. Banaticla is responsible for collecting and moderating questions from CHS seniors.

School improvements are continuously being sought by CHS administrators, and the town halls provide an opportunity to hear student perspectives about key issues.

“Because these meetings are brand new, we are learning as we go. Each time we have a Town Hall Meeting, we are making an attempt to further improve it,” Cao said.

Although some changes are needed, the meetings have so far proven to be successful.

“An assembly where Cburg can simply just ask questions and advice, student to student, is something that I wish I could have had when I was an underclassmen,” Banaticla said.

The Town Hall Class Meetings have had a few struggles, however as improvements are being made, and ideas are being spread, the student body and staff members will now have a chance to live in better harmony than ever before.