Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon participants and the total money raised.

Kyle Wannen

Dance Marathon participants and the total money raised.

Jordan Doss, Alum

The 5th annual CHS Dance Marathon, an event where dozens of students take part in fundraising for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, took place Feb. 2. CHS began participating in the Dance Marathon after former Coyote student Sam Moore passed away in 2012 due to a brain tumor.

In order to raise money, CHS students came up with several fundraisers  such as bake sales, pie-a-teacher, and letter writing campaigns. Once each person collected a minimum total of $50, they were cleared to then attend the 12-hour school lock-in where they celebrate their fundraising success.

In total, all of the participants raised over $12 thousand in support of the foundation, and in honor of the Moore family, while still having fun with all of their friends in the process.  

“Students should participate because it’s always a good thing to give back and it’s a great thing to be able to add to your resume,” Dance Marathon sponsor Christina Trumbull said.

When it comes to planning out the event, the leadership group is primarily in charge. They help organize fundraisers, create websites, and come up with fun activities to do throughout the night.

“I’ve been involved in Dance Marathon all four years of high school and have been a part of the leadership committee for three,” Marathon Co-Chairperson Alyssa Deguzman said. “This year … I helped with the planning of our monthly fundraisers, and the preparation for the actual event.” .

During the lock-in, students have the chance to play several games and activities all throughout the night. These activities consist of games such as manhunt, and human bowling, karaoke, and being able to enjoy plenty of catered food and snacks all night long.  

“I enjoyed every part of it,” Marathon President Sindhana Anbalagan said. “It’s nice to stay awake the whole night playing games and having wholesome fun with friends.”

The Dance Marathon occurs every year, and all students are welcome to donate and participate to the cause. Gather a group of friends, and begin planning out how you can contribute to a fantastic cause, and celebrate in a spectacularly unique way.