The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Owusu Policy Changes

Principal Edward Owusu

Montgomery Community Media

Principal Edward Owusu

Gabby Martin, Reporter

For the 2017-2018 school year CHS changed from former principal Stephen Whiting to current principal Edward Owusu.

Once he became principal, students had to prepare themselves for some adjustments. Many changes were made including phone policies, lunch times, parking permits and attendance intervention plans (AIP).

Since initially implemented, the changes have been heavily enforced and students were generally open to them, but many have been taken by surprise over the strictness of the rules.

Phone Policies were one of the first changes, as students can not use them during transitions between classes. In addition to phones, headphones cannot be used during transitions either. In the classroom, teachers have their own rules, but the most common expectation is to not have them out during instruction.

Many students complained on having longer lunch, and as a result,  Owusu added an extra 5 minutes to lunch. Additionally, when lunch is halfway done, the bell will ring to remind students to see teachers for academic support.

“I think the changes that Owusu has made are good and the school in my opinion feels more structured, but the parking policy is a little frustrating,” senior Grace Elliot said.

Parking policy was drastically changed; now only seniors and other students with priority, such as those with half-day schedules, those who play sports, or those who have to stay after school for clubs, can receive permits. However, without a valid reason, students will not receive one.

“Some policies are great, but some are too extreme and very strict. But understandable in certain cases,” senior Sofia Morillo said.

The attendance plans have been a problem because many students have them, and are noticing consequences for their actions on missing and skipping class. But it is good to teach kids responsibility to guide them and prepare them for the real world.

Overall changes are great and are in full effect, with the goal being to have all students go to school in a positive and goal achieving environment.