Gun Threat At CHS

CHS experienced a gun threat Feb. 15th.


CHS experienced a gun threat Feb. 15th.

Melanie Cruz, Reporter

A CHS senior was arrested around 2:00 pm. on Thursday Feb. 15.

After a student reported a concern to a teacher, the suspect was removed from his 8th period class around 1:55 p.m. School security found a loaded handgun inside the student’s backpack, and a knife on his person . After the weapons were discovered, the student was placed under arrest.

“It went off as well as can be expected,” MCPD 5th District Commander Captain Mark Plazinski said .
Very few students and staff were notified until well after the school day had ended. At the time of the arrest, security staff and administration personnel were strategizing on not making any lockdowns in case it were to trigger a reaction for the student suspect. Parents and guardians received a letter from principal Edward Owusu that night detailing the incident that occurred.

“Ensuring the safety of every student at Clarksburg is a top priority and a responsibility that I take very seriously” Owusu said.

This serious incident was even more frightening for many students, staff and families due to the massacre that occurred a day before. 17 students and staff lost their lives, and many more were injured when there was a school shooting at Douglas High School in Florida.“MCPS takes a multi-pronged approach to keep schools safe”, MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith said in the MCPS emergency preparedness letter sent on the same day as the incident at CHS.

Owusu had a meeting with a group of the students a day after the incident at CHS, regarding ways to potentially prevent these sort of things from occurring or how to remain safe if such a thing were to happen again. He brought up a variety of examples such as “See Something, Text Something”.  

“We could start a remind message and that would allow us to be able to receive any emergency notifications or enable us to say something, if students see something is wrong”, Owusu said.

Police updated the community yesterday claiming that country officers located a variety of items in the home of the CHS suspect. The items that were seized from the suspects’ home included two rifles, a shotgun, two handguns, ammunition, inert grenades, a ballistic vest, a replica electrical firing device, and the student’s journal.

“Chen’s motive for bringing a gun to school remains under investigation”, Montgomery County Police said in a press release..

Although there is still an ongoing investigation, Owusu has notified all parents/guardians regarding the safety precautions that will be taken place to ensure the safety students at CHS.