Black Panther impacts Black Community

February 26, 2018


Marvel Studios

Black Panther is a great superhero movie and so much more.

The all-new Marvel movie Black Panther had its debut Feb. 16. The movie made $242 million in box office sales over President’s Day Weekend, making it the second-highest four-day opening in movie history. If that is not impressive enough, Black Panther also received a rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

A significant reason why the movie has been so massively popular is because of the African American cultural representation throughout the entirety of the movie. Black Panther stars several well-known black actors such as Michael B. Jordan, Angela Basset, and Forest Whitaker, and introduces a group of young, lesser-known actors. As a result of this primarily black cast, and the various ties to American culture, the movie has gotten positive reviews from across the black community.

“I have definitely seen a wave of black pride as well as an increase of posts highlighting the achievements and success of African Americans on social media,” CHS senior Christian Marsh said.

Numerous black youth people have become inspired by this movie because of its significant representation of black superheroes, who have scarcely been seen before in the Marvel or DC comic universes.

“I’ve watched many superhero movies with my younger brother,” CHS junior Merline Broadnax said. ”This was the first one where afterward he told me he’d like to be that superhero. Not even Spiderman did that. He was so hyped, he started saying that he wanted to be the Black Panther because he looked like him.”.

Black Panther has allowed the black community to be able to change the way that they are portrayed in the media. Instead of having their main representation be African American movies about slavery or oppression, they now have had the chance to shine a light upon a movie that empowers black people and their futures, instead of reminding them of a painful history.

“In the media, black people are often falsely portrayed negatively, CHS junior Sharon Mann said. “Black Panther gives black people the type of representation that people have to undoubtedly agree is pretty amazing.”

As well as being a visually spectacular movie, Black Panther has enlightened the world about black culture and given the black community a movie with a positive reaction towards their culture. When considering what movie to see next, consider watching Black Panther for an enriching and intriguing cinematic experience.

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