Black History Month Assembly


Nicole Moravy

The members of MSP who participated in the Black History Month Assembly.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

CHS held its annual black history month assembly Wednesday, Feb. 21,  but with a change of scenery. Instead of it being held during school, the students and teachers of the Minority Scholars Program (MSP) agreed to hold their performance after school.

The night was full of exciting performances, and skits showcasing wonderful moments in black history.

A big part of the whole performance was senior Stanlia Perry who commented that the assembly was a success and that anyone who did not show up “missed out on a wonderful opportunity to celebrate black history.”

The list of performances included the ASA dance group, The CHS marching band, Spoken Words by Stanlia Perry, Xscape, Jennifer Lopez and many more. “There should’ve been way more performances but all in all it turned out okay.” Perry said.

Skits included Nat Turner, HBCU, and Russell Simmons. The Nat Turner skit was performed by Tyrelle Smith as Nat Turner and Ausjai Davis, Kory Fleming, Miles Prather, and Devin Benard as four other slaves sitting down listening to the wise Nat with their weapons in their hands. Nat Turner asked if they were ready to fight for their freedom. Then the four went to war. “This skit went perfectly” Perry stated.

“I am really proud of the kids who participated in this event,” MSP co-sponsor and English teacher Nicole Moravy stated.  “I also think people learned a lot about black history.”

A solid number of people came out to see this show. Their were some positive comments and negative. The show started at 6:10 p.m. and ended around 6:50.

“I really enjoyed the show, but it was very short,” senior Phylicia McInnis said. After the show, in the cafeteria, there was cake and refreshments for the parents and students. Different races came together and all learned about black culture and history. “It was an amazing show, and I’m proud of all my friends who were up there. Plus the cake after the show was good too,” senior Edward Escobar commented. MSP had a meeting on Friday, February 23 to plan the culture assembly.

“Now our main focus is making the Culture assembly better than the black history month assembly” Perry said.