Montgomery County in bid for Amazon H2Q


Elaine Thompson

Amazon could be building a second headquarters, like the one above in Seattle, in Montgomery County.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

The online commerce company Amazon has been thinking about starting its second headquarters in Montgomery County. This addition would potentially add $17 billion per year to the state economy, and an additional $7.7 billion in annual wages.

HQ2 (Amazon’s second headquarters) would offer an outstanding number of jobs to Montgomery County citizens. In total, there would be a whopping 101,000 jobs, which will produce $280 million annually. As well as more household income being provided, there  will also be an additional $483 million in annual state tax receipts.

According to Amazon, Montgomery County is one of the 20 finalist locations as Amazon continues to search for a home for HQ2, where  Amazon will invest $5 billion and create 50,000 jobs.

“This is a great investment for Amazon and Montgomery County would be the perfect place to put HQ2,”  CHS senior Kyle Kiser said.

In an announcement to the administration Governor Larry Hogan stated that the administration remains “fully committed to bring this home.”

Montgomery County is considered a frontrunner in making a deal with Amazon to secure H2Q.  Maryland definitely has the tools Amazon is looking for to set up a new headquarters. Although the county is in consideration, it is not the only one.

The county faces competition, as the other contenders include New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Indianapolis, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. according to Baltimoresun.

Junior Josh Naymik commented “This is really tough competition, all we can do now is hope and let the government do what they need to do.”

To strengthen the bid Hogan is offering a 5 billion incentive plan, according to multiple sources,which will be used for 3 billion in grants and tax incentives and 2 billion in road services.

“The more we offer, the more likely we will get the headquarters,”  senior Genesis Johns said.

The headquarters would benefit not just Montgomery County, but all of Maryland. This would be an outstanding investment. Maryland getting H2Q is still in progress and may take another month until a decision is final.