CHS Students Flip for Fortnite


Epic Games

The online game, Fortnite, has exploded in popularity worldwide and especially at CHS.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

The video game, Fortnite, was made and released July 25, 2017. Two months later, the game was made free for Xbox and PS4 users.The game slowly grew in popularity, and by this past February, there were 3.8 million people that played Fortnite. The game, created by Epic Games, was also made into a mobile version that will only increase its number of users. But why is this game so popular, why do so many CHS students waste hours per day playing?

For those who have never played, Fortnite is a survival game. 100 online players start off parachuting onto an island with nothing except a pick axe. The players have to find weapons and kill all of the other players. The last one to survive is the winner.

“It’s like if Call of Duty, Minecraft, and The Hunger Games had a baby,” CHS junior Aaron Heller said. It just so happens that those three franchises were all previously ranked #1 on the leaderboards for either best game or best movie.

In a short poll of 50 random CHS students (25 female and 25 male), 38 said they have played Fortnite before. That is about 76% of CHS students. Celebrities like Drake, Michael B. Jordan, Post Malone, and so many more also play Fortnite. Epic Games has hinted at having a celebrity and professional gamers match in mid-June.

Fortnite is a really fun game; I like it because you can play with, and talk to your friends at the same time,” junior Nathan Jones said.

There are definitely more than one perspective about this game. Some people love this game, and some people just didn’t seem to get into it.

“So many people play this game, so it must be fun, but I don’t see how it is so amazing like everybody else does,” sophomore Jess Brown said.

But at the end of the day this game is ranked #1 on the 2018 best games leaderboard, and, despite being a free game, has brought in over $10 million from just in-game purchases.

So why is Fortnite so popular? It’s probably because the game is free and/or because it is something that people have never seen before.