MoCo Gets Best AP Scores in Maryland



The chart compares the AP scores of MoCo students to the Maryland state averages and the national averages.

Andres Villanueva, Reporter

During the 2016-2017 school year, Montgomery County students recorded the highest AP scores in the entire state of Maryland, according to recent exam results.

“Recently released advanced placement (AP) exam results have shown that 2017 was an extremely impressive year for students in Montgomery County,” MCPS stated in a press release March 23. “52 percent of MCPS students who took multiple AP tests received a 3 or higher, a score which suggests competence and readiness to succeed at the college level.”

The news of the exceptional results is coming in towards the end of the CHS school year, when many students are beginning to prepare for the 2018 AP exams. For some, this new information gives them some hope.
“It’s good,” noted sophomore Ryan Nguyen. “If all of them can do it, then maybe I can too.”

It’s great news for doubtful students, but other students are simply happy to learn they are studying in a county that is offering excellent outcomes.

“It’s pretty cool,” stated sophomore Thomas Tran. “We get to have this good educational experience in a good county.”

Besides the students, it’s also wonderful news for MCPS parents who can be content knowing their child is in a school which is giving such exemplary results.

“It’s nice to know they’re in an academic and successful environment,” CHS parent Lucas Olivera said. “Everybody wants the best, and it looks like we already have it!”

The responses of people throughout Clarksburg and MCPS to the AP scores have been notably positive. Many hope this news will turn into a trend, and the county will continue to see success across its schools.