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Shorter Spring Break in 2019 Sparks Debate

The 2018-2019 school calendar has cut spring break almost in half, and many CHS students and staff are not pleased.

The 2018-2019 school calendar has cut spring break almost in half, and many CHS students and staff are not pleased.

Gabby Martin, Reporter

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Spring break is a fun and enjoyable get-away from school and stress for over a week every year. Montgomery County students, staff and families enjoy that week.

But in the 2018-2019 school year, spring break is decreasing from 10 days off this school year to only 6 days which is a dramatic change, and probably not something students, staff and parents will be happy about.  

Of course there are always the parents that won’t mind it because “Yay, that means more instructional days which means more learning.”

However the other side includes the people who plans for spring breaks to go somewhere tropical or to travel to see relatives. Whatever their plans might be, the amount of days being lost effects plans that have already been paid for, which can also be an issue. Many students are definitely not going to be happy with this decision, but county officials have tried to explain the meaning behind their actions.
According to WTOP, MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith told board members that “Developing the school calendar is an increasingly challenging process.”

With all of the holidays and snow days that occur through the school year, it is difficult to try to work around those while keeping the minimum amount of instructional days.

“I feel it would be a bad idea shortening spring break because i know for a lot of people that have said the break helps them motivate themselves to finish the year strong & relieves them from stress,” junior Karalyn Schwartz said .

School can be very stressful, and, yes, not having a break from AP or challenging classes can be a big struggle as well. But staying up late doing homework, studying for tests or having to balance social life, school, and after-school activities can get really tiring and physically/emotionally draining. If only the people making this decision would realize that before they make changes.


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Shorter Spring Break in 2019 Sparks Debate