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Former CHS Teacher is Running for State Senate

Former CHS English teacher Jessica Douglass is running for state senate.

Former CHS English teacher Jessica Douglass is running for state senate.

Former CHS English teacher Jessica Douglass is running for state senate.

Andres Villanueva, Reporter

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Jessica Douglas, a former English teacher at CHS, filed the paperwork for candidacy to represent Maryland’s fourth district in the state senate. Her candidacy was officially declared in February, and the primary election will take place on June 26 with the general election on Nov. 6 of the same year.

Douglass has passionately capitalized on her career as a teacher and mother of four when pushing for her main issue: education.

“Our schools [in Frederick County] are pretty good, and I teach in Montgomery County and those schools are very good, but statewide, we have a lot of work to do,” Douglass said, according to a Frederick News Post article. “And even in Frederick and Montgomery counties, where we’re a little more affluent, there’s still need.”

The other two primary issues that Douglass has focused on are ecology, and the economy.

“We need to make sure that development is smart, that we have a plan in place moving forward for schools and roads and infrastructure,” she said. “While also keeping an eye toward ecology so that we’re building in a way that respects the land and the water and the air quality of Maryland.”

On her website Douglass has been updating further news of her campaign trail regularly, hoping to maintain communication with the constituents of district 4.

Her well-developed platform has drawn notable attention from such figures as U.S. congressmen John Delaney and Jamie Raskin, along with U.S. senator Ben Cardin, but she isn’t the only candidate. Douglass is facing against fellow Democrat Sabrina Massett and Republican incumbent Michael Hough.

“I believe she should win so we would have someone representing us who worked at our school,” sophomore Hassan Edwan commented. “And her platform is the best [compared to the other candidates.]”

As Hassan mentioned, Douglass’ career history is appealing to many CHS students and staff, though that hasn’t won everyone over.

“I don’t think [she’s a] good [candidate],” sophomore Ryan Nguyen said. “She doesn’t have any experience.”

Truly, Douglass’ life in politics began as soon as she filed her candidacy which raises questions over her qualifications. Regardless, Douglass has put in a lot of effort in her campaign to make the best impression she can.

“I felt compelled [to file for candidacy] so that my community could be represented with integrity.” she stated. “I want everyone in [district 4] to feel that they have a voice in their state government. I want to listen more than I talk so that people here know they are heard.”

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  1. Kim Kelly on May 17th, 2018 9:00 am

    This piece on Jessica Douglas is balanced, informative, and well-written. A nice piece of journalism from CHS! Thanks!

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Former CHS Teacher is Running for State Senate