2018 Seniors Say Sayonara

The Clarksburg High School Class of 2018.


The Clarksburg High School Class of 2018.

Tyrelle Smith, News Editor

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As fourth quarter comes to an end, the class of 2018 is one step closer to walking across the stage, and receiving their diplomas.

Now making it to this point isn’t easy for every senior student, and it is an amazing milestone that we have reached. Over these four years however, we seniors have learned many life lessons.  

“Don’t procrastinate. Do not say you are going to do something, just do it. That is one thing I learned all my years in high school,” senior Kelis Ortiz said.

“Stay on your grind,” senior Sofia St. Jean commented.  

Many of these young adults are leaving many memories behind them especially memories of influential CHS staff member.

“I’ll be leaving my memories with Mrs.Coe. She is my whole heart,” senior Damaris Deras said.

All seniors will remain Coyotes forever; students have created senior wills and testaments that will be hung up on the walls of Clarksburg for next year’s students to view. The testaments have categories such as “Favorite Memory”, “The Thing I Will Miss Most About CHS”, “The Thing I Will Not Miss”, and “Where Will I Be In 25 Years”.

There are a lot of things seniors will miss about the class of 18’ including close friends who have shared their journey through school.

“I’m going to miss spending lunch with my friends during a long school day,” senior Elijah Njoroge said.

Other people have a different, less-nostalgic perspective about leaving high school.

“The one thing I won’t miss about the school, is being in the school. I am ready to go,” senior Edward Escobar commented.

Senior year had its ups and downs for everyone involved, but now that it is almost over,  we seniors have their futures sitting right in front of them. Stay out of trouble seniors and follow the path that’ll lead you too your next destination.