Patterson Named County HS Counselor of the Year



CHS counselor Sarah Patterson was awarded the MCPS Counselor of the Year award for all high school counselors.

Cornell Hanna, Reporter

Counselors do their jobs because they love it. They love helping others and they want to do their part. They are selfless and very hard working. Every year in MCPS, a counselor is recognized with the “Counselor of The Year” award, and it is an honor and accomplishment to be even be nominated. The winner of this year’s award was none other than CHS counselor Sarah Patterson.

“Winning MCPS High School counselor of the year was an amazing surprise, I was really caught off guard and so honored to be recognized,” Patterson said.

All of Patterson’s students and colleagues know she is well deserving of this award, and her hard work is a testament to it. Upon receiving this award, she has received nothing but high praises and people letting her know how deserving she is of this award.

“The thing that I appreciated most was all of the positive feedback I received when the news became public and all of the encouragement and support,” Patterson said. “My favorite thing was hearing people saying it was well deserved because I do take pride in the work that I do, I know that I work hard and I want to do the best for my students.”

This award goes to show that no matter what you do, someone is always watching. If you are dedicated and work hard, good things will come. A positive, hard-working attitude is key to succeeding in life. Patterson’s humbless is also a very obvious trait of hers.

“I will do my job whether I get recognized or not, but it is always nice to be recognized,” said Patterson.

The entire staff and student body of CHS are proud to have a counselor like Patterson. Congrats again!