Juniors Win Annual Powderpuff Football Contest


Edward Owusu

The sophomores huddle up during their opening win against the freshman before falling to the juniors in the title game.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

After a strange set of circumstances modified the scheduling of the annual CHS powderpuff game Thursday, May 24, the CHS junior class became this year’s champion.

In the opening match-up, the sophomore squad defeated the freshman by a score of 21-14. It was a close, competitive game by both teams, but according to some sophomores, it just came down to who had more experience and spirit.

“They are rookies,” sophomore cheerleader Sam Amoh said. “I knew we were going to win, and besides we had the better cheer squad.”

Even though the sophomores came away with the win in their scheduled game, that wasn’t the end of the road. That day was Senior Skip Day, and the senior class team did not show up to play the juniors who took the victory by forfeit.

After some quick adjustments, the event sponsors had the sophomores and junior play for the championship. The juniors won the game with ease, 21-0, with Demi Ludema scoring one touchdown, and Hannah Crosby scoring two.

“They beat rookies, but they didn’t stand a chance against the big dogs,” junior coach Toron Williams said.

Despite the final score, it was a scrappy game for both teams, but once again it came down to who had the most experience and spirit.

“This was my first and last year playing, but I had a lot of fun,” Ludema said. “I think we won because we wanted it more and had the best support system.”

The junior class will hold onto bragging rights until next year, but many participants expect a similar outcome in 2019.

“No matter what year or what opponent, we will get the same result when we play,” Williams said.