The ‘Fresh’ Freshman Orientation

All freshman and new students are welcome to join the Clarksburg family!

All freshman and new students are welcome to join the Clarksburg family!

Jordan Doss, Alum

The incoming freshman class of 22’ came to CHS on Wednesday June 13th to take a tour and learn about the clubs and activities CHS has.

In previous years, the freshman classes have come for their orientation at the beginning if the school year, a couple weeks before it starts. In addition to this, most of the past freshman orientations have had just a meet and greet between the students’ new teachers, and then a tour of the school and a walk trough from class to class. The addition of performances and announcements that were presented this year are new to orientation.

“I think presenting them with a social compass for CHS is important for all students, especially the new ones,” junior Danielle White said.

The performances consisted of the SGA talking about their duties in the school and how students can join, the Latin Dance Club and one of their dance routines, the freshman choir singing some of the songs they learned, and much more.

“These performances give current CHS students a chance to show off all their hard work, and encourage others with similar interests to participate as well,” White said.

History teacher Megan Wessel was the primary coordinator for the orientation this year.

“We’ve never had all 3 schools at once, it was a huge success with attendance. This year was different because we also had Hallie Wells, which adds onto the huge amount of students. This orientation was more catered towards introducing the CHS culture to these kids, and getting them excited for the new year, and it was a huge success,” Wessel said.

The new freshman class will be the biggest on record at CHS with a total number of around 670 students, which adds some concern for space in the school.

“There is a whole lot of kids coming, and we don’t have a whole lot of room for them. It’s exciting to have new faces, but worrying that I might be pressed up against those new faces during hallway transitions because of the lack of space,” freshman Simone Nsoumbi said.

Whether or not there is a struggle to contain the overflowing student body next year, CHS welcomes their new students with open arms and encourages education and fun  for all the students, starting with their orientation.