Senior Pranks Disrupt School in Safe Fashion


Edward Owusu

One of this year’s senior pranks involved filling principal Edward Owusu’s office with balloons.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

Many members of the CHS class of 2018 wanted to leave high school with a bang.

So that is exactly what they did.

This year’s seniors held their own “Coachella” concert on the outdoor basketball courts before they graduated. Many seniors drove their cars onto the grass as they blasted music, and enjoyed one of their last times on school grounds.

“Yeah we were lit,” graduate Tim Lehr said. “We are the “lit-est” class this school has ever and will ever [have] seen.”

A number of other students also filled the office of principal Edward Owusu with balloons. The seniors effectively disrupted the school day, and had a great time dancing, singing, and even driving on school property, but despite the disruption to the regular school day, many thought that the prank was quite tame.

“It looked fun, but I’ve seen better and I know that the class of ‘19 will be better,” junior Tomas Nelson said.

Nelson wasn’t the only one that thought the prank was not all every the seniors thought it was.

“It looked fun, but it wasn’t really a prank,” coach Deborah Waxman said. “I have seen a lot of good pranks, and I wouldn’t consider the class of ‘18’s prank to be in that category.”

Many seniors still ended the year “perfectly” by graduating, and having a concert to celebrate it.

“We the greatest you’ve ever seen, people hate on our greatness,” graduate Tyler Wilder said.