Class Color Controversy


Lyla Jamal

CHS Students are ready to get the pep rally going

John Guglielmone, Editor

CHS held its first pep rally of the 2018-2019 school year at the end of the school day Sept. 21 in the Coyote Canyon. The theme was a school-wide blackout due to some controversy over the class colors that were picked by the SGA.

Those colors were black for the freshman, white for the sophomores, Carolina blue for the juniors, and navy blue for the seniors. Previously the class colors changed every year with freshman always being white, sophomores Carolina blue, juniors navy blue, and seniors black.

“Like everyone else in the class, when I first heard the news about the color being changed from black, I was bummed,” senior SGA president Lucas Fernandez said. “Everyone hypes it up and associates it with being at the top.”

This is the first time in a while that the senior class of 2019 have not had black as their class color which upset many seniors.

“I believe we are such a spirited class that a class color won’t determine our level of spirit,” senior Jade Porter said. “I believe classes want [their class color] to be black because of the tradition behind it. But although it is tradition, there is always room for improvement and new ideas.”

Some of the reasons behind the class color change are the high financial cost of new class t-shirts every year and implementing a consistent color throughout the students’ four years of high school.

“It’s mainly seniors that wanted the change,” principal Edward  Owusu said. “That’s normal for them and it feels like a right of passage to go through all the different colors.”

During the pep rally, around 85% of the students in the stands were wearing black which was the school-wide theme for the pep rally. So far, school spirit/participation in school events has not appeared to take a dip in participation.

“It shouldn’t be such a big deal that it makes you participate less, if anything, it should spur you to act more and change things,” Fernandez said.